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Trademark Pro Design Search App

Trademark Pro became a design trademark search app at the 2018 Global Legal Hackathon.

The team formed at the Toronto location of the Global Legal Hackathon at Denton’s law offices.

Trademark Pro’s video entry for round two of the Global Legal Hackathon:


David Michaels, Brand Consultant

  • T-shaped Professional: Has deep knowledge in trademarks with broad education and experience in AI, business law, business management, eCommerce, engineering, entrepreneurship, HR, litigation, marketing, marketing research, patents, programming, SEO, video, and web design.
  • An entrepreneur and brand owner, building eCommerce websites, and designing innovative tech and food products.
  • Worked in the areas of patent, trademark, and corporate law for 23 years:
    Registered hundreds of trademarks, and prepared more than 40 patent applications, from the laser level to muscle building food supplements to computer and Internet-based business methods. David has also litigated trademark infringement cases in US and Canadian federal courts.
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Jüri Sildam, Data Scientist

• Worked on different aspects of data acquisition, collection, organization, processing (incl. statistical), physical and mathematical modeling in underwater acoustics, remote sensing, and oceanography.
• Recent breakthroughs in machine learning applications such as deep learning have motivated to continue with the learning, development, and application of these methods to problems, the solutions to which up to now have been dominated by the approaches relying only on well understood physical principles.
• Core Competencies: applications of cutting edge techniques to applied projects, data analysis, programming (e.g. Python, Matlab) , deep neural networks, natural language processing, presentation and communication skills.
• Doctorate of Philosophy – Physical and Mathematical Sciences; Master of Science – Physical Oceanography


David Dao

He has worked as a business intelligence developer for three years. He helps organizations manage and leverage their data to generate business value. David Dao advocates for greater access of information and open data.

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